• Were going FLAMINGOS CRAZI!!

    Being Christmas and all, we thought it was 'that' time to do a promotion.. and i guess a give away! Giveaways everyone loves them! AND Christmas is the time for GIVING right?

    So what better thing to give away than 'Flamingos' cos thats what were all about! Flamingos... Pink Flamingo Store... Ill tell you one day how that name came about... theres a nice story behind it... but anyway...

    One set of Flamingos that we love and have always had in our shop is the Original Don Featherstone Flamingos... These are they real maccoy..

    Don Featherstone Flamingo

    Don Featherstone (RIP) was the man that came up with ingenious bird garden decor, and came up with the idea of 'flocking' well he didn't design the real thing, but the decor thing!!

    Our flamingos are the Genuine "Don Featherstone" design (with his signature), created in 1957 by Union Products in Leominster, Massachusetts. Union Products closed in 2006, but the original molds for these classic pink 1950’s icons were purchased and are still being used to produce them today.

    plastic flamingo flock

    These flamingos come in pairs - one with it’s head up and the other with it’s neck curved downward. They are bright pink full detail molded plastic with raised plastic eyes and painted beak.


    We are the place to buy your lawn flamingos for any occasion! Flocks of Flamingos are a great way to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary. Flamingo Flocking is a great fundraiser for your church, group, or organization. By the pair or by the flock... Flamingos are just fun. (if you would like to hire flamingos for a flocking please contact us directly here)

    Don't be fooled by cheaper brands, yeah they may look similar,, but they wont last long, they usually break down pretty fast, and fade to that horrible translucent pinky look. The Don Featherstone Flamingos will last years and years to come, and will keep their colour. We however recommend that you super glue the legs in so they don't run away on you!!!lol (no pun intended!)

    Technical Specs: The pair consists of one flamingo with it's head up (stands about 34 inches high including legs, flamingo size is approximately 13" long x 5" high at body x 14" high at neck/head x 4" thick on body) and one flamingo with it's neck curved downward (stands about 24 inches high including legs, 17 1/2" long x 5" high at body x 8" high at head/neck x 4" thick on body). The legs are non rusting metal and are 21 1/2" long.

    We sell the pair for $68.99 usually, however we are now promoting them for $50 ,, you can purchase here

    We also sell the Realmingos which are giant flamingos .. these are gorgeous,, and retail for $250 a pair and now we are promoting them for $165!! you can purchase these here

    Please note this special finished end of 2016.

    WE ARE ALSO GIVING AWAY A SET OF REALMINGOS!!!! watch this space details to come.......  


    flocking                  Box of Don Featherstone Flamingos


    Flock of flamingos @ Pink Flamingo Store

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